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Altruism for autism

4 December 2012: Autism Câmpia Turzii Association, in partnership with the Town Hall of Câmpia Turzii and the Pro Assisto Association, organized an exhibition-sale of handmade objects called “Altruism for autism”. Funds raised were used to support the therapy of children with autism in Câmpia Turzii. Thank you very much to all the participants in this event, and to our volunteers!



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10 things every child with autism would like you to know


Some days it seems the only predictable thing about it is unpredictability. The only consistent attribute – inconsistency. Autism can be baffling even to those who spend their lives around it. The child who lives with autism may look ” normal” but his behavior can be perplexing and downright difficult.

Autism was once labeled an ” incurable disorder” but that notion has crumbled in the face of knowledge and understanding that increase even as you read this. Every day, individuals with autism show us that they can overcome, compensate for and otherwise manage many of autism's most challenging characteristics. Equipping those around our children with simple understanding of autism's basic elements has a tremendous impact on their ability to journey towards productive, independent adulthood.

Autism is a complex disorder but we share many of its characteristics into four fundamental areas: sensory processing challenges, speech / language delays and impairments, the elusive social interaction skills and whole child/self-esteem issues. And though these four elements may be common to many children, keep front-of-mind the fact that autism is a spectrum disorder: no two (or 10 or 20) children with autism will be completely alike. Every child will be at a different point on the spectrum. And, just as importantly, every parent, teacher and caregiver will be at a different point on the spectrum. Child or adult, each will have a unique set of needs.

Here are ten things every child with autism wishes you knew:

1. I am a child..

My autism is part of who I am, not all of who I am. You are a man of thoughts, thoughts, feelings, preferences, ideas, talents and dreams? Are you fat (overweight), myopic (wear glasses) or clumsy?Those be may be things that I see first when I meet you, but you're more than just that, aren't you?.

As an adult, you have control over how you define yourself. If you want to single out one characteristic, you can make that known.

As a child, I am still unfolding. Neither you nor I yet know what I may be capable of. If you think of me as just one thing, you run the danger of setting up an expectation that may be too low.. And if I get a sense that you don't think I "can do it", my natural response will be, "why try?.

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